Highlights and Values


The ICOnator project is highly concerned with security. We have contributors that participated in multiple successful ICOs, with different technical backgrounds, and they keep the same safe engineering standards.


Don't loose investors in the first 15 minutes of the crowd sale! The ICOnator engine uses a distributed architecture to give the possibility to horizontally scale -- and ultimately handle a large amount of investor registrations or payments.

Easy to run.

You can customize ICOnator by providing environment variables and run it as fast as your project requires. The ICOnator engine is also dockerized, meaning that you can point to existing docker images and run in Platform-as-a-Service platforms at no time.


Tailoring the ICO to specific needs is pretty important to succeed. That's why the ICOnator engine gives the possibility to, for example, configure investment tiers for tokens or to set on which exchanges the ICO would rely on.


Our code, our tech standards, as well as our processes are all crystal clear. The ICOnator Project believes on reaching top-notch quality through transparent and qualified contributions. In the end, that's what blockchain is all about.


At the same time we enable projects to perform ICOs, we empower the community to adapt ICOnator for future advances in a tokenized world. We feel honored as well as responsible by being an "enabler" for many projects.

Institutional Support

Besides our contributors, the following institutions contribute to the project:

Join our channels.

Feature proposals, engineering questions, and bugs are mainly discussed on our Slack workspace.

We are proud to be non-profit!
Contribute to it!

If you're interested to become part of the ICOnator Project, or if you can contribute on some valuable way, let us know.