How can I contribute?

It's pretty simple. You must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before your pull request gets merged. More info here.
This is a one-time requirement, meaning that you should do it in your first pull request. After that, your pull requests would be merged without having to go through such process.

Signing a CLA might sound scary, but it's definitely not. You should not worry about that.
The process is actually very simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

The ICOnator CLA simply aims to make it clear the contribution's copyright and to prevent fragmentation of rights. Also, the CLA goal is to ensure that the contributions to the ICOnator Project will remain free software.

However, you don't have to sign the CLA up-front. You can simply clone, fork, and submit your pull-request as usual.

Sign and send the CLA

Download the respective form:

  • Individual CLA: for example, if you are a person and the contribution is solely owned by you
  • Entity CLA: for example, if you are a company, foundation, university, or research center

Once you downloaded it, fulfill the information on the last page, and scan it.

You should send the scan of duly signed CLA to [email protected] as a PDF, also specifying the contributor's GitHub username (or multiple ones if it's a Entity CLA) in the email body.

How to submit my contribution?

If you are not so familiar with pull requests, we suggest you to read this and this before. It clarifies a lot.

Some things that we expect:

  • Reasonable test coverage for your feature or change
  • Punctual contributions with a clear purpose
  • Follow the project code standards

You are more than welcome to join ICOnator's Slack to discuss technical details of your contribution, or even propose new features to the team.